Nardi Pacific E30 300/50T 225/330bar

5,5Kw 230V/3/50Hz 300ltr/min

Varenr: NA-PACIFIC_E30
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BREATHING AIR is a product line that includes several products made by NARDI COMPRESSORI which are designed to provide breathable air for the filling of cylinders for different applications (i.e.: scuba diving, safe & rescue, military, etc.). PACIFIC is a group of compressors of different capacities that have a very high efficiency and are mechanically very robust to ensure many hours of continuous operation.


The compressor block or pump unit is the heart of the PACIFIC compressors and it is a critical component in which NARDI has put particular attention. It has features that make it unique in the world. Among these, the use of light alloys with high thermal efficiency, such as aluminum alloys that are also used for the construction of the cylinders. The pump unit does not undergo any paint coating to enhance the heat dissipation of its low corrosion assembling elements.


For proper operation of the compressor, NARDI has designed a new electronic control panel.
This new system, controls all the key points as temperature, oil level, current consumption,
inlet pressure, outlet pressure and manages all the valves and solenoid valves.
In addition to this, the electronic control panel handles the service schedule and monitors
the status of the filtering system.

The compressor is equipped with various filters and separators: two separators assembled
on the compressor block and one final filter PAC on the frame which is specific for breathing air.
The compressor is equipped with one large filter that guarantee many work hours providing
breathable air, in conformity with the standard UNI EN 12021:2014. PACIFIC compressors
can integrate the innovative Air Control System that analyzes the air delivered in
continuous flow interfacing with the Electronic Control Panel and visualizing in real time
the levels of humidity, CO, CO2, O2 and VOC on request. This system does not calculate or
check the cartridge empirically but makes an analysis and when the results are not in
conformity with breathing air standards it stops the compressor automatically.
Therefore, this system monitors continuously the filter cartridge, checking the exact level
of saturation and warning when replacement of the filter cartridge is needed.
Everything in the compressor is designed to optimize both the operating costs as well labor costs.
Service of the compressor in addition of being rather inexpensive is scheduled at long time intervals.
When the compressor is in operation to optimize the cost NARDI has designed the automatic
condensate drain of the compressor, which is equipped with a unique patented SLOW FLOW SYSTEM,
that reduces the quantity of gas expelled by 80% saving on pressurization of the entire system

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