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CP80030 Garasjejekk 3T

Varenr: 8941181030
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CP80030 Garasjejekk

CP80030 er en allsidig jekk

Robuste hjul og effektiv hydraulisk pumpe gjør at dette til en super jekk i 3 tonns klassen


Robust & Durable
Quick lifting
Easy to use


Heavy duty steel welded chassis with reinforcing rims
Two pumps & one foot pedal for fast approach without load
Handle with protector sponge & soft rubber pad on the saddle plate
Turning handle for easy release of load
Low profile construction 
Low noise & smooth to floor tiles due to oil and acid resistant plastic wheels

Part number8941181030
Description3T / 3.3ST capacity Low profile with 95mm minimum height High lifting: 550mm Double piston pump system Lifting with foot pedal or handle Oil and acid resistant nylon wheels
Capacity3 ton(s)
Dimension A455 mm
Dimension B95 mm
Dimension C550 mm
Dimension D779 mm
Dimension D21979 mm
Dimension E160 mm
Dimension F160 mm
Dimension F1364 mm
Dimension G
Dimension M99.207 mm
Wheel typeNylon






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Gruppe 1 Verktøyteknikk
Gruppe 2 Chicago Pneumatic VS
Gruppe 3 Verkstedutstyr
Produsent Chicago Pneumatic